The theme of this year's edition at Futuro Remoto 2019, the biggest scientific dissemination event in the city, will be: Essere 4.0 stories of revolutions, science and technology from Leonardo da Vinci to the present day.

In the fourth industrial revolution robotics will have a striking impact on our society and daily life. In this scenario, the health sector will greatly benefit from advanced research in the field. Dr. Fanny Ficuciello and the team from ICAROS Center will exhibit, with demos and videos, two prototypes of robotic hands developed with PRISMA Lab: PRISMA Hand II, expected to be tested on an amputee, and MERO Hand.
PRISMA Hand II is a mechanically robust anthropomorphic robot hand. It is highly underactuated, as the 19 joints are driven by 3 motors via elastic tendons. Nevertheless, the hand can perform not only adaptive grasps but also in-hand manipulation.
MERO Hand which stands for MEchanically RObust anthropomorphic prosthetic hand, uses novel COmpliant Rolling-contact Element (CORE) joints exhibiting compliance in multiple directions. The hand is very robust and can perform various types of adaptive grasps.

Furthermore, eight selected videos about the latest innovations in the field of robotics will be shown within the interactive exhibition.