The Medical Lab is the new experimental facility of the PRISMA Team devoted to medical robotics. The lab is equipped with a da Vinci Research Kit and several collaborative robots employed for research in rehabilitation and surgical robotics. Cameras, EMG sensor kit and haptic interfaces are also available.

Venue: ICAROS Center, Polyclinic University of Naples Federico II, bldg. 5, via Pansini 5, 80131 Naples

Medical Lab 1
Medical Lab 2


da Vinci Research Kit
  • Open research platform based on da Vinci System by Intuitive Surgical
  • Surgeon's console with two Master Tool Manipulators (MTMs)
  • MTM 8-degree-of-freedom robot
  • Patient's end with two Patient Side Manipulators (PSMs)
  • PSM 7-degree-of-freedom robot
  • PSMs teleoperated by MTMs with coordinated foot-pedal movements
  • Medical version of KUKA IIWA
  • 7 kg payload
  • 7-degree-of-freedom robot
  • In-line wrist variant
  • Mounting flange DIN ISO 9409-1-A 50
  • 0.1 mm repeatability (ISO 9283)
  • KUKA Sunrise cabinet
  • 22 kg weight (excluding controller)
  • Robot for transanal prostate biopsy
  • 3 kg payload
  • 4 active degrees of freedom
  • 2 passive degrees of freedom
  • Soft wrist
  • Mounting MicrUs Telemed ultrasound probe
  • 15 kg weight (excluding controller)