Inspired by the theme of this year's edition "Ri-generazioni", the Opening Event of Futuro Remoto brought together on stage three generations of roboticists, Bruno Siciliano, Nicola Vitiello and Valeria Cagnina, introduced by the moderator of the event Antigone Marino.
Artificial intelligence, physical AI, human-robot interaction and roboethics were the main themes presented by Bruno Siciliano to the lively audience of 3000 Neapolitan school pupils. 
Fanny Ficuciello from PRISMA Lab dealt with the increasing importance of robotics for health, and introduced the MERO project, which stands for MEchanically RObust anthropomorphic prosthetic hand. The demo of the prototype was shown by Huan Liu, a post-doc involved in the MUSHA project conducted at ICAROS Center.

Robotics and AI were also discussed by 
Bruno Siciliano two days later at Il Sabato delle Idee, a think tank promoted since ten years by Marco Salvatore, which interconnects top representatives from science, academia and culture in Naples.

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